Welcome to the Wisdom Grove where Wisdom meets Human Design

You are the approval you seek

When you approve of yourself

You love who you are

You keep your power

You morph and fly

Pearls Original Wisdom #POW

PS I see you soaring through your days fly baby fly


About Me

Blessings beautiful soul and welcome I am Donna a Wise ancient soul I have lived many lifetimes on this planet, I am primarily Claircognizant meaning i just know stuff, but ultimately i use all of my senses. I am an Author , Poet and creatress of magical essences. I use words and storytelling to transform the way others see things.

I am here to guide and support, people on their own unique journey of finding themselves.

My passion is to show you how to be at peace with who you are at your core .

Letting go of the patterns and conditions you have carried as your own through this life and possibly many others. I do this through the lens of your Human design chart in this life, Wisdom (deep intuitive insightful guidance) energetic guidance, and holding a deeply safe nurturing space for you as you walk the rugged tracks into transformation. Guiding you to see the patterns you are holding onto.

Whether you have been on this path for many years or just beginning your journey into the spiritual realms and don’t really know what or why you have been guided here.

You are in the exact place you are meant to be.

You are ready to uncover the patterns and layers, to go much deeper

Blessings of love may we meet soon


I am the voice for Pearls Original Wisdom. The wisdom grove’s weekly wisdom seed , channelled poetry , short stories Seeds of light, and wisdom insights