Musings and channeled words

Claim your energetic space

We were all born to stand out in our own unique way
Some of us loud and proud others quietly and gently, others fully organised , some just do without fuss not needing to be acknowledged or be a shining superstar.

Whatever your style is it’s perfect for you .
You are a unique being, and that won’t change no matter what you change or try to change. Superheroes come in many guises.

You can use all the trainings, the teachings, the scripts, the stories.
When it comes down to your very core you are a unique once in a lifetime individual.

There is no one like you never has been never will be again . Your unique Human design chart and your own unique qualities say so.
Whether you are a sensitive, quiet and needing a lot if alone space.
Or Loud and big and needing others to feed your energy. Or both of these at different times. You are uniquely you and when you see that and begin to own that, all of the inner struggles and fighting against yourself quietens.

You become calm, peaceful and able to understand you.

You were born to stand out, not to fit in Dr Seuss..

You were born to claim your space in this world all of your space not shrink it away from others.
Not try and fit it into a mould or box for someone else.

Do this for you all of you ,for your Physical health and wellbeing.
For your emotional health and wellbeing.
For your energetic bodies.
For your spiritual well being. For connection to your soul.

Things become aligned when you claim who you really are in the space of this world that is meant for you.

Claim it don’t shy away from it. Don’t hold your energy in tight it will tire you out. Don’t let someone else take up the space that is yours expand your energy out let yourself fill your energetic space in your own cosmic field. Let yourself energetically breathe. There is enough space for all of us to be who we truly are at our core.

Own your space
Own your truth
Own who you are at you core
Because that’s you. You are here to be your true energetic self not the self someone else says you need to be .

Let your magic shine

Let your true magic shine, the longer you try and hide it or squash it into a box denying who you are and where your heart truly is .The more you will feel unfulfilled and look outside of yourself for that magical thing to fix the void you feel .
The magic is within you !
All of the courses, crystals, oracle cards, smudging, won’t fill the void if you are looking for something or someone to give it to you, if you are looking outside of yourself .

Only you can give it to you!
Yep thats right only you!

So its time to take that challenge
Face that frustration,
That inner conflict,
Look at your fears

Give yourself permission to follow your heart , your passion .
That magnetic pull that makes no sense to your rational brain .
This is your intuition , your guidance system that you were born with .
The one you still have, even with all the years of ignoring it .
Its still there waiting to be followed .
It will always with you, but the longer you ignore your true path , the harder it becomes to ignore it .

This has been my story for far to long.

Always seeking the approval or the right next thing , not denying my intuition , but not fully embracing it either .
Always seeking and trying to reset
I have been a serial seeker without ever embracing the fullness of anything .
Now things are changing
I see the fears I have and I face them daily .
I embrace my shadows
I am learning more and letting go everyday
Embodying my intuition and what that means and looks like I me for me.

I open to my magic
My inner flame .

I am now beginning to meet my authentic self after 6 months of intense fear facing, shadow embracing and not running away from it through procrastination my magic is beginning to return and shine.

So my beautiful blessed souls embrace your magic and let it shine you will feel so much more you if you do .

A journey to self ..

I find myself in a new but feeling odd space, I’ve been on this spiritual journey for 20 years and now it seems I am transcending from needing to be spiritual to sitting and not pushing no hustle, not giving a damn how others do things just doing things my way

Being very discerning on who I now choose to learn from and how I choose to learn, not rubbishing others for doing things their own way but actually being a cheerleader for them.

This finally actually feels right for me. it feels like I have come home and let go of the need for approval or acceptance outside of myself. full musing here on Vocal.

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