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Wisdom by Dezign

Wisdom by Dezign is a guided journey into yourself . Into the layers stories and conditionings or habits of who you are to others and who you are hiding away .

Its about the characters we play in the story of us .

Especially the story you present to the world .

As energetic beings in a human body we forget that we have a body sometimes and through that we begin to believe what our head tells us and we don’t listen to our bodies they are the vehicles that carry us around.

In the course of a wisdom walk we will visit the character and the story they show up in and we will reframe the narrative of that story.

When your ready to meet your characters your ready to meet you.

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See yourself in a new light

Introduction to Human Design

Introduction to your unique once in a cosmic event human design chart and how you will begin to see your self.

Learn your type, your strategy, your authority.

Intro to Human Design

Sacral Sessions

Are you a Generator or a Manifesting Generator ? Then you are a sacral being .the Sacral sessions can be beneficial to generator types it gives us a sound a gut intuitive yes or no . In a sacral session we explore yes no answers to questions that may have been nagging you and your not getting a clear yes or no .. We can explore the questions to the area of your choice and we are not limited to one topic .Sacral sessions are fun they are enlightening and they are the true intuition of generator types .

Are you ready to listen to your Sacral .

Sacral Sessions

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When the opportunity came up to have a couple of sessions with Donna I jumped at it. In all honesty I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for or how it all worked, but the thought of shifting some fears and mindset blocks was too good to refuse.
I’m definitely on the practical side of “woo” but resolved to go in fully open minded and embrace the process, letting Donna lead the way. And I’m so glad I did!
Donna makes everything feel so comfortable, she’s incredibly warm-spirited and giving. I can’t really define her in words except to say it’s like having a giant cuddle!
As for our sessions….well. I can’t give anything away (and I wouldn’t be able to explain if I tried). But through working with Donna I was able to release a couple of giant things that I’d been holding onto. What she does is nothing short of magic.
As I told her on our last session, I don’t feel like a different person, I just AM a different person.
I’ll definitely be back (and you should speak with her, too).

Georgina Bowden : Success and Mindset Coach


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